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How to Choose an Automatic Barrier Gate

Automatic barrier gates are one of the most common features for commercial and industrial properties. The main feature of a barrier gate is a bar or pole that can be lowered and raised to either allow entry or block the access area. To regulate the entry of vehicles and unauthorized personnel from accessing the property many organizations and companies use barrier gates. Therefore, investing in the installation of barrier gates at the entry and exit points of the organizations and companies buildings is important. The market is flooded with all kinds of barriers gates therefore if you want to find the right one for your property you should be careful. Before you choose a barrier gate you need to be equipped with the right information and that is why I have outlined a few tips below.

The location you are going to install the barrier gate and how you are going to operate it is the first thing you need to consider before you buy any automatic barrier gate. So that barrier gates can be used in different places many types of barrier gatehave been designed. Some of the places where barrier gates are often used are car parks, factory entrances, railway crossing points, and other office complexes. Therefore, before you choose a barrier gate you should consider where you are going to fit it.

Another important consideration when choosing a barrier gate is the traffic of the area. The best place to install a barrier gate that opens and closes frequently is in high traffic facilities. Barrier gates of different types have been designed for high traffic and low traffic operations. Therefore, you are going to experience problems if you install automatic barrier gatesmeant for a residential area in an industrial facility. Also, when choosing a barrier gate you should consider its length. The length of barrier gates meant for residential areas is short. However, to handle large vehicles the barrier gates used are the heavy duty barrier gates that are capable of opening to a large width.

It is also important to consider the speed of a barrier gate before choosing one. Some barrier gates take longer to open than others. However, different opening speeds are suited for different situations. The type of barrier gates meant for high traffic areas are the fast opening ones. Considering the price of the barrier gate when choosing one is also important and this is a factor that you should not forget. You should go for a barrier gate that you can afford and one that does not offset your budget. However, the security of your property is the most important thing you should not compromise when choosing a cheaper barrier gate. The best way of reducing the maintenance cost of the gate is by choosing a high quality barrier gate. For more details, you may also read more at

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